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Fast Track Program

This comprehensive short term program is designed to get the resident home as quickly as possible after admission from the hospital.  Usually this includes a three night preceding Medicare Part A qualifying hospital stay.  For the first 20 days of a Medicare Part A stay, there is no charge to the beneficiary.  Most folks want to get home in 20 days or less, but knowing there will be no additional charges during the first three weeks is a relief!

Mount Pleasant Manor also accepts private insurance, private pay, Medicare HMOs, Managed Care policies and Long Term Care policies.  We also are a contracted Veterans Administration provider.

Our Fast Track program is tailored to specifically meet a resident’s required needs to promote healing and to attain her/his prior level of functioning. We want you to get home as soon as possible! The program includes Physical therapy (PT), Occupation therapy (OT), Speech therapy (ST), Skilled nursing services, Social services, Dietary services, Medical management and other services as needed.  

Additionally, a pharmacist consultant will review all medications and registered dietician will be involved in determining the most appropriate, personalized diet to facilitate recovery. 

Our therapists will provide the most intense levels of therapy a resident can tolerate to facilitate a quick recovery. In many cases our therapists are able to provide a home evaluation prior to discharge.  Our licensed social worker assists in discharge planning and follow-up.  Psychiatric and Chaplaincy services are also available.  

Our physician and nurse practitioner will also examine each resident and the attending physician will supervise the overall care.  A resident-centered, team approach will ensure the resident and family members are kept informed about progress toward goals, recommendations and treatments.