Visiting Our Facility

"A visit to our facility will enable you to meet our care team members. The care team consists of everyone who works for our residents: housekeepers, maintenance workers, dietary workers, nurses, nurse assistants, physicians, therapists, activity workers, administrative staff and department heads. Our employees are our most valuable resource.
This work is all about relationships. Each resident’s care at our facility is affected by the quality and management of many relationships: employees with each other, residents and their caregivers, family members with staff, nurses and physicians, department heads and the administrator, the facility and licensing/certification authorities, the owners and the facility administrative staff, hospitals/referral sources with the facility and the facility with community stakeholders. Visiting the facility will give you a first-hand idea about the quality of our relationships.
I like working at Mount Pleasant Manor. I think it is an excellent facility. Some of our staff members have family members that live here. I am very proud of the employees and I like the way we work together. It is more than a job to us. We care about the people we serve. It’s a special place. Come and see for yourself.
Thanks again for your interest in our facility. We would be honored to assist you in working through any questions or concerns you may have."

 -  Bruce White, Administrator

Schedule A Tour

Below you will find a form to schedule a tour of Mount Pleasant Manor as well as a map of our location.  Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy a tour of our beautiful building.

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We are conveniently located in central Mount Pleasant, near the intersection of Highway 17 and Bowman Road.  Our facility is about 7 miles from both The College of Charleston and the South Carolina Aquarium and we are less than 5 miles from the beach!  And, of course, the nearest hospital is right across the street.


Mount Pleasant Manor, 921 Bowman Road, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464