Testimonial 1

"I learned a valuable lesson when my husband Bill was required to go into a locked skilled nursing memory care facility. We wanted him to be close to home on Daniel Island to make it easy to visit with him. The search began. Always a reader of reviews, I read reviews on nursing homes with memory loss units and decided to put Bill in a local facility that had five stars. Within three weeks I was unhappy with the level of care and attention he received. I consulted with Bill’s doctor and he recommended Mount Pleasant Manor. I remembering saying, “I’ve read reviews and they have only one star.” He said Bill would do very well there. What a smart move that was! Bill thrived with the care and stimulation. How could that be with a one star rating? That’s where learning my lesson about reviews comes in: nearly every hospital, nursing home, assisted living, even restaurants get an occasional ding to their rating. To improve the rating, the facility must work at it, over a period of time, to regain the missing stars. In real time, in real life, here’s what I found at Mount Pleasant Manor. A very clean facility, competent and friendly professional and office staff, hard-working aids that I came to love, and a caring and compassionate nursing staff. Is it the most beautiful nursing home in the Charleston area? No, it isn’t. But, the level of care is superb and I wanted that for my husband. He got it at Mount Pleasant Manor. He was a happy resident for two years."

- Ann McAnallen

Testimonial 2

"We want to commend Mount Pleasant Manor for the kind and compassionate care given to our sister for the past fifteen months. You were like part of our family. We can’t thank you enough for the love shown to her and our family. You have a wonderful staff. It was a pleasure to visit our sister surrounded by caring workers.

One of our sons is a physician and he came to see our sister during her last days and made a careful review of her physical being and her surroundings. He commented that he had not seen such good care given in a nursing home.

You can be proud of the technical expertise as well as the compassion that your staff has given. We are eternally grateful for what you have done for our family. God bless you.

THANKS - Family Members"

Testimonial 3

"I want to compliment the staff of the Gold Unit on the wonderful care that my father received during the two years that he was a resident of Mt. Pleasant Manor. During the time that he was there he was treated with respect and received excellent attention and care. I was fortunate to be able to visit him on a weekly basis and during that time I developed friendships with the nursing staff. I would like to especially acknowledge Nicole, both Vanessa's, Rhonda, Cassie, Betty, and Rose. I spoke most often with these ladies concerning my father; however, all the staff were amazing. I saw them interact with many different residents and they were always professional and caring. Working in a memory-care unit requires someone to be patient, loving, skilled, active, and attentive. Never during any visit did I not see these qualities being demonstrated. Mr. White, you have an excellent staff in the Gold Unit.

I would highly recommend Mt. Pleasant Manor to anyone who is facing the decision of placing a loved one in a care facility. This facility may not be the newest building but it has dedicated nurses, and CNAs who are committed to the care of the residents. When I would speak to the nurses and CNAs they would tell me that they had worked there for 10, 15, and 20 plus years. That is a definite sign that something is going right for the staff to be so dedicated. While the staff who work directly with the patients are amazing I would be remiss to not mention the others who provide services. Dad always had quality meals that were prepared to meet his needs. The facility was always clean and attractive. The case workers kept me informed of any changes with dad's progress. There were activities for the residents to keep them occupied, and the ladies in the office were always helpful. Thank you so much for the loving care that the staff of Mt. Pleasant Manor provided for my father and to me.


Jane Harrelson"

testimonial 4

“Low key, unassuming, human-sized seating for visitors...was my first impression walking in the door of Mount Pleasant Manor. Later, I noticed the constant caring that occurred between and among staff and residents/residents and staff when I periodically visited the facility. Much later, when my 90 year old Mother needed rehab and nursing care, my sisters and I chose Mt. Pleasant Manor. It was then that I truly felt I 'knew' the place and want to share my gratitude for her care with the public. Our Mother, a vibrant, totally independent, strong-willed person found herself quite debilitated after a fall that left her angry, scared, and injured- requiring care & rehab in hospital and post discharge. 

We found the admission coordinator to be most understanding and fully aware of the reluctance many residents have in coming to a 'nursing home.' We emphasized the challenges we all were facing as our Mother dealt with her changed physical body and the most intact aspects of her being - her mental clarity, strong willed determination, and steadfast goal to have things her way so she could go home asap. From the administrator & admin staff, nursing, especially wing nurses & CNAs, dietary, therapy (ST, PT, OT), recreation/activity staff, housekeeping staff, 'beauty' salon ("Finally I found a place that can do my hair!" she gladly told all she knew.) staff and yes, physician-who sat with her personally to review her concerns, and billing staff, ALL were dedicated, knowledgeable and caring through all the good & bad days our mother had. The integrity and compassion of the staff are genuine. May this small testimonial serve to advise the community that this low-key, unassuming place has a solid foundation of caring and a way of being caring that they practice 24/7/365. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

- Sherrie Abbott


“When searching for a nursing home for your loved one, you are looking for a facility that will make your loved ones feel special, and above all, provide some of the best medical care. That is what I found at Mount Pleasant Manor for my Mother. My mother has been a resident since 2015, and arrived with many challenges. However, with God’s grace, caring doctors, nurses, rehab trainers, staff members which include; the administrator, finance officer, director of activities, and the CNAs, she is striving, and now she have many daughters. My Mother is an advocate for Mount Pleasant Manor (me too). She is delightfully happy, and content. I love hearing the joy in her voice, when she is telling me of the games that were played with the other residents, the shopping sprees and the outings to various restaurants, or the minutes she spent on the exercise bike.

I live over 700 miles from my Mother, and I have a peace of mind knowing that she is safe and happy. If you are looking for a nursing home for your loved one, I recommend Mount Pleasant Manor.“

- Vickie Mascall


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